Become Event Sponsor

All of REF’s “events” have Event Sponsors. These sponsorships help Railroad Financial keep registration fees as low as possible. In return for contributing a material part of the event’s cost (receptions, golf outing, breakfasts, lunches, breaks, etc.)

The Event Sponsor receives:

12 months of logo appearance on the REF website linked to the Event Sponsor’s own website

Program, on-screen, and signage credit for their sponsorship

First access to registration lists

Identification as an Event Sponsor on the identification credentials of all of their attendees

An opportunity to be involved with program input and development

Upon becoming an Event Sponsor, the sponsor has first call on options to repeat the sponsorship of “its” event each year. Virtually all of REF 2020’s Event Sponsors were sponsors of REF 2019 and prior years. Event sponsorship ranges from $2,500 to $15,000. (The majority of event sponsorships are shared by more than one Event Sponsor.)

To inquire about how your company can become a sponsor of REF call, email or fill out the form below:

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